– Fast Growing Tech Portal is a concept that was born out of our desire to impact the Tech World with basic Tech Tutorials, Reviews and Pitch.

Nothing limits a man like a world of no-Information. Isaac Success built TechSonite to answer basic technological questions as expounded in our Top 3 Simple Categories listed below:

(Update 21/8/2016) To better distinguish our Mobile Category; we have introduced two NEW categories bring the total Categories on to 5!

Technology is a Science of Craft and that is what we at TechSonite are about.


How the Name Tech Sonite came About

Quite Interesting: After we’ve made our name in the News and Entertainment niche, we felt the time was ripe to also have a Tech site to help answer relevant questions in this very Niche.

So, we sat down to think of a name. We did some research of over 80 domain names and keywords; all proving either ‘Registered’, ‘Irrelevant’ or with an already existing Social-Media Account – That first night was a complete failure in getting a suitable name.

The second day after dinner however; we got together again with a few of us suggesting names, while some use domain search to check the availability of the suggested name – still no success!

Then, a call came into one of our phones and the saved name of that number was ‘SamSonite’ (A very close friend of the family by the name Samson) – Voila!

It was there and then (immediately) we knew we’ve gotten a name for our webpage. We searched for the word Tech Sonite (replacing Sam) and it was available. We did a Facebook, Twitter and Google + page search of the same name and does not exist which means, we were the first to fathom the name and a free social media account awaits our registration.

Aside the posts available on this webpage, we’ve made provision for swift interaction with our team to answer all ‘Tech-Related Questions” you may have through our COMMENT section and across all social media!


Why is TechSonite Different from other Tech Sites?

  • We show you STEP by STEP guide with pictures to guide you when installing applications (Between 3 – 5 STEPS)
  • We show you the simplest way of getting things done online and on your smartphones.
  • We show you where to get Best Tech & Gadgets at very affordable prices.
  • We stay awake so you can sleep, showing you the flaws and best of the best in today’s Tech.
  • We expose risky Tech Ventures, Apps and Platforms to avoid!
  • Our site is very responsive and easily accessible and optimized on All Operating Systems and Device.

Also, to avoid ‘information overload’ we will be updating this webpage on intervals only showing you things that matters most!

You can ‘Contact Us‘ or Visit our ‘Privacy Policy Page‘. Also, we’ll like you to get to know our stand on ‘Cookies