How to add contacts in WhatsApp Messenger

Here is a detailed instruction on How to add friends on WhatsApp messenger for Android.

WhatsApp Overview

For a while now, we’ve been showing you some I side loop of WhatsApp along side the current version of WhatsApp.

Let’s refresh your memory a little bit.

WhatsApp is a Mobile/PC messenger used to communicate with your friends and loved ones.

Whatsapp messenger has not only been used to communicate with friends and love ones but has been inculcated by business owners and organizations.

Recently, WhatsApp launched their very version of WhatsApp Video calls which you can check out here.

With the new updates, WhatsApp has stood out amongst messengers like 2go, BBM or even the very ancient but newly modified Yahoo Messenger!


How to add contacts in WhatsApp

Below, we will be showing you in simplified steps how to add contacts in WhatsApp and chat with your friends.

There are three methods of achieving this on android smartphones.



STEP 1: Open your WhatsApp messenger (Don’t have WhatsApp? Click here)

How to add contacts in WhatsApp

STEP 2: Select Contact and on the top, you will see the add contact button. Click on it

STEP 3: Fill in your new contact details and locate in your messenger!

How to add contacts in WhatsApp 2


Once added, it will synchronize to your whatsapp contact list.



STEP 1: Add and save the new contacts on your device phonebook.

STEP 2: Visit WhatsApp>Contact>Refresh and search for the contact. Make sure you have an active data connection for the refresh to work.



You can also invite people from other platforms to connect with you on WhatsApp messenger.

Contacts can be added via Gmail, SMS, Google +, Facebook and Facebook Messenger!

How to?

STEP 1: Visit setting from any side of WhatsApp messenger and select CONTACT.

whatsapp invite friends

STEP 2: Select “Invite a friend” and select the medium of your invite.

whatsapp add contacts via social media

These are all you need to know about adding contacts in WhatsApp.