Airtel Blackberry Subscription Code, Airtel BIS Price and Plan

Airtel Blackberry Subscription Code and the latest Airtel BIS Price has been explained in-depth through this tutorial.


Unlike the MTN Blackberry Subscription and the Etisalat BIS codes, Airtel Blackberry Plan is segregated into two: they are, Airtel Unlimited and the Airtel Complete plan.

The better side however for the Airtel Blackberry subscription plan is that, you get to use it on Android devices also; but, its consumption rate on non-blackberry devices is twice unlike using it on its original Blackberry OS platform it was designed for.

Airtel Blackberry Subscription Code

Ok, without much word, let’s just delve directly into the Airtel Blackberry (BIS) data plans for all Airtel subscribers.


Allocated Data – 40MB

Price – N100

Subscription Code – Dial *440*18# or sms BBUD to 440

This plan has to be used within 24 hours of subscription.



Allocated Data – 200MB

Price – N525

Subscription Code – Dial *440*17# or sms BBUW to 440

You have 7days to use this plan from the day of subscription.



Allocated Data – 3.72GB (3,072MB)

Price – N1, 500

Subscription Code – Dial *440*16# or sms BBUM to 440

This data plan will last you a month, provided you are still in the fair usage zone.



Allocated Data – 50MB

Price – N100

Subscription Code – Dial *440*3# or sms BCD to 440



Allocated Data – 500MB

Price – N500

Subscription Code – Dial *440*2# or sms BCW to 440



Allocated Data – 3.072GB (3,072MB)

Price – N1,000

Subscription Code – Dial *440*1# or sms BCM to 440

Why choose Airtel Blackberry Subscription?

Well, for one – Airtel coverage is quite vast and they boost of 3.5G network in virtually every nuke and cranny on the nation.

Also, speed wise, Airtel is superb for any data plan of your choosing.

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Do you also know that you can use the Airtel 1+1 Android data plan to browse on your Blackberry 10 devices?


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