How to Download Instagram on Android Phones

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, the photo platform has witnessed a great leap. Here is how to download Instagram on Android phones.

Before getting into the technical stuff and how to download Instagram on android, lets take you through a mini journey of the platform.

Instagram is a very unique platform. It is a social media as it were that focuses on just two things:

  1. Photo Sharing – On Instagram, you get to share your life stories in pictures.
  2. Video Sharing – Then other mode of sharing on Instagram is through Videos.

One won’t be wrong to say, “Instagram is one of the most popular social media network in the world today!”

There are lots of memories that can be shared on Instagram and the most amazing aspect of it is that, its totally FREE!

Currently, Instagram works on the major operating system namely Windows, Android and iOS.


Features of Instagram on Android

Instagram has lots of rich features which cannot be fully highlighted below.

Here are some very outstanding ones however.

SIMPLICITY – This might be why Instagram is currently making the rounds.

The simplicity of Instagram Web and Instagram Android has made it quite easy to use.

Users on Instagram can easily UPLOAD, TAG and SHARE their uploaded content with friends and loved ones.

THE FACEBOOK ADVANTAGE – Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, we’ve seen some minor modification on the platform which gives it an edge.

You can easily tag friends on Facebook, get notified when your Facebook friends eventually comes on Instagram and easily import/get to know which of your Facebook friends added you on Instagram.


You can share your story on Instagram and have it shown to all your followers. This is a short snippet of things happening around you just like the Facebook live features.

There are more features of Instagram which you get to know when you download Instagram on your smartphone.


How to Download and Install Instagram on Android

STEP 1: Visit Google Play store and search “Instagram” -or Click here

STEP 2: Click INSTALL and allow app to fully download.

STEP 3: Once fully Downloaded, Open the app and SIGNUP.