Download WakaChat Messenger from

Download WakaChat Messenger from – lunches a very powerful messenger tool just like the WhatsApp messenger with quite a rich feature. How to download Waka Chat?

By now, I believe you must have gotten use to various messenger apps like the 2go messenger, facebook Messenger as well as the very popular Badoo Messenger.

Waka Chat Messenger

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All these messenger application has made it quite easy for interactions and made connectivity simple.

WakaChat messenger is quite a work of art with great minds building something that can stand the test of time.

In this review of WakaChat just after I downloaded the app, I’ll be giving out my very own experience as to what makes the application superior (from my perspective) to other messenger out there.

WakaChap App Features

PRIVACY: download gives you the best of protection for your contacts as it offers a free android experience (data usage exclusive)

Using the WakaChat messenger app, I have the With messenger app you can sent unlimited size of videos, photos, files and messages to your WakaChat contacts, its completely free and fast.


I’ve heard about this before but never used it until I got the WakaChat messenger on my Smartphone.

Here is how secret chats on WakaChat app works. You have a contact you’ll like to chat with and you don’t want any trace of the conversation from you or your contact. SO, you use the Secret chat features instead.

After sending the message, the message will self-destruct after a few second. Yes, just like the features used in message communication in Mission Impossible (where you have messages, telephone calls, letters, etc. self-destruct)


The Waka Chat App is Africa’s fastest mobile application according to their information on Google Play Store.

It is perceived to be one of the fastest messenger available because the guru’s at WakaChat positioned data centers all across the globe making serving the wakachat app easier and faster (just the same way as choosing a webserver region)


This one however caught my attention on WakaChat. The subscription is FREE for a Lifetime!

That is, there is no subscription fee whatsoever and you get to use the wakachat messenger forever (well, forever has an expiration) and you don’t have to bother about renewed subscriptions! I love this!


What does Waka Chat means?

Well, according to the developers of the App (Spire Software co.), Waka simply means ‘move’ and chat means ‘interaction’ as we all know.

So, in the main translation, Waka Chat simply means Chat on the move!


How to Download Messenger Application on your Android Smart phones?

Visit or WakaChat on Google Play to download.

Or better still, search for WakaChat on Google App Store.


How do WakaChat generate funds to fund the App?

Well, from the reviews and personal use, I notice quite a few ads popping up (quite unpleasant) when compared with top messengers like WhatsApp and BBM but, it’s still a start for the team and I hope they look for sponsors or Angel Investors and disband all annoying popup advertisements!