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Flash Share Download How to download Flash share on AndroidFlash Share download is the modern connectivity to send and receive files.

One of the simplest ways to send and receive files, video, Apps and an image is through the use of Flash Share.

You can use flash share to send and receive files like Virtual DJ, VLC Player and Eskimi.

Flash share is one of the very simplest cross-platforms to transfer files and share applications on your smartphone.

flash share

This came at a time when Inferred got instinct and the rise of Android devices where you need to send Apps and images to friends and loved ones.

Flash Share Features

  • Sends Files faster than Bluetooth, Infrared or USB Cords
  • Receives files and applications you won’t normally send with normal connections
  • No need of Internet connection to use
  • Free to use with UNLIMITED usage
  • Requires Little/No special skills at all

Now you know the benefits of installing flash share on your smartphone.

Well, that said, let’s get to the main business of the day; how to install this on your device.

There are two ways of downloading flash share and installing the very same on your device.

The first way is to have an invitation sent to you through your friend who already have Flash share installed.


How to Download and Install Flash Share via Bluetooth

STEP 1: Switch on your Bluetooth and make it visible to nearby devices.

STEP 2: Allow your friend to VISIT SETTING>INVITE FRIEND>SELECT BLUETOOTH and receive the same file through Bluetooth.

The second method is by installing the file flashshare apk through a 3rd party site (now, there are webpages that have this file saved on their webpage where you can download the same to your device and install at your own risk (Yes, most works actually)

So, one of those sites you can download Flash share from is Media Fire.


Flash Share Download from Media Fire

STEP 1: Visit the Media File page and search for Flash share or use this link through your mobile device.

STEP 2: Click on download bar, save the file that opens and allow to fully download

STEP 3: Once downloaded, install the flash share .APK file and grant relevant permission to install.

STEP 4: Once successfully installed, a shortcut will be created on your desktop.

Now you can enjoy the full benefit of Flash share and transfer files at will with ease.

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