Tecno L5 Price, Battery of Tecno L5 Smartphone

Tecno L5 Price in Nigeria varies on Jumia and Konga. Here, I’ve outlined Tecno L5 Specification and a review of this smart phone with good battery life.


  • Tecno L5 Launch in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda.
  • Review and Specifications
  • Prices and where to buy Tecno L5 smartphone in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, etc.

Tecno L5 just like other Tecno smartphones like the Phantom Z review I wrote on, recently have produced a shelf space in the heart of consumers as Tecno kept wowing its loyal users with fresh and new phones as the case of the Tecno L5 among other Tecno products.

tecno l5

Image Credit: Tecno L5 Android Smartphone Bella Naija

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Before going into the specification and what makes Tecno L5 what it is, I’ll like to point out here that; Tecno L5 is a smart phone for rugged users who consume much more cell-powers than every average smartphone user.

Why is that? The Tecno L5 is powered by a 5000mAh battery that’s so potent that, you can go on a 3days journey on a single full battery charge. No, this is not a hoax or a cheap mode of advertisement to dispose of this phone by Tecno Inc. They actually made a research where they sent out people who made a 3days trip with the Tecno L5 and the phones were not charged for the 3days journey!

So, if you love burning off enough steam on your Smartphones, the Tecno L5 is for you and it runs on the Andriod 5.1 lollipop OS.

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Now, just like the Phantom 5, the L5 comes with a speedy 1.3GHz Quadcore Processor which will blow your imagination away coupled with the 1GB RAM alongside an internal storage of 8GB (inbuilt apps space excluded)

Unlike the Phantom 5, you can expand this device with 64G MicroSD

I believe we all love smart phones that respond at the speed of a thought. Trust me; every good smartphone that wants to make its mark has to be super-fast. You won’t want a phone hanging every now and then due to a poor processor and ram unlike the smartphone I’m currently using (won’t mention the product as I’m using it so as to better understand the operating system)


Picture Quality of Tecno L5

Now, I believe the ladies will love this section! That is, the picture quality of Techno L5. It offers a 5MP rear camera and a2MP for all your selfie needs and desires.

Yes, that’s very clear enough and I love the colour contrast of the device.

Updated: 20/4/2016

Tecno L5 Price in Nigeria

If you are planning to buy the Tecno L5 in Nigeria, the price varies even on Jumia and Konga as the current store price is between N19,000 and N21,000.

Select the Colour you Want to buy below:


Tecno L5 Price in Ghana

This device can be gotten in Ghana between GH₵278 and GH₵280.

Select the colour you want to buy:


Tecno L5 Price in Kenya and Uganda

The price confirmation we got from Kenya is Ksh 8,230 and Ksh 8,500 while the Tecno L5 can be gotten at the MTN Uganda Store for Ugx 350,000 (Ugandan Shillings) which is totally dependent on the colour you want to purchase.

After purchasing your Tecno L5, you can download the Whatsapp, Install the WakaChat and dont forget the 2go 6 and 7 on your Smartphone for a world of chat experience! You can also download music files and videos on Waphan.


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