www.waphan.com – Download Apps, Music from Waphan

www.waphan.com – Download Apps, Music from Waptrick – Recently, I wrote on using waphan.com and I received response on waphan.
This post is just a follow-up on the previous waptrick post I made.

Waphan.com has recently been trending and for whatsoever reason best known to the Adkins at waptrick or waphan, I’m still yet to figure out why waptrick was changed to waphan.

Well, here I’ll just have to give you a briefing on waphan.

Waphan.com is the new front end for waptrick and it comes with all the previous applications and music downloads.

What I actually notice on the new waphan platform is better speed and faster loading time unlike waptrick.

Waphan also comes with the very same feature which in technical term is called a mirror site.
Also, once you type waptrick on your browser, you get automatically redirected to waphan.com.