Xender for Android | Download Xender App for Android Devices

Xender for Android | Download Xender App for Android Devices – Get Xender app for file sharing and transfers on android devices.

Whenever we talk about file sharing from one mobile device to another before Xender and Flash share, we can’t but remember the days of Infrared!

xender for android devices

Well, since the advancement of smartphones, sharing of files has gotten better with the likes of Flash share, Xender and more.

Recently, we disclosed how to download and install xender on Windows devices

Today, we will be looking at downloading Xender on Android.


Features of Xender on Android Devices

Speed – The speed at which files are transferred made Xender a must have for all android users.

Aside the fact that Xender is used to transfer files, your file transmission can be as high as 10MB/Sec – That is, a 50MB video file could take just 5/10sec to transfer!

Transfer multiple files – There is no limit to the type and size of file you want to transfer using Xender. All you need to do is just TRANSFER!

You can transfer multiple video files, music files, documents, images and many more!

No Data Needed – Xender for Android devices is FREE and you don’t need to use any mobile data to get it working! Xender uses Wi-Fi technology to transmit files between devices.

You will not be charged any data fee or rate!

Multi Platform – Xender works on different platform which makes it unique. You can Install Xender for Android, Windows, IOS and even PC!


How to Download Xender on Android

Downloading Xender for android is quite easy as downloading any android app from Google Play.

STEP 1: Visit the Google Play Store and search ‘Xender’ or click here for a direct link.

STEP 2: Select the App and click ‘install’ allow the Xender app to finish downloading and install.

STEP 3: Open the App, fill in your required details (Name on App and Displayed Photo)

how to send files using xender for android devices

Now you can enjoy Xender file sharing on your android devices.

If you need any help on Xender for Android, do notify us in the comment box below.